2021 ABIDE Projects

Professor Jessica Teague
Funds received by the ABIDE grant in 2021 helped facilitate 10 guest artist sessions with our students during the DNCE 3065 World Dance Course.

In 2022, Professor Teague strengthened the DNCE 3065 course by including more sessions that combine lecture material and cultural presentations with movement sessions. Extra academic lectures from Dr Mary Nyangweso, Liji Sreejesh, Mariko Eguchi and Gabriela Estrada were added to the course this year to enhance learning and compliment movement sessions focused on kinesthetic learning. Instead of adding more instructors, Professor Teague engaged instructors who had especially strong synergy with the students in 2021 for extended periods. This allowed students to spend more time with each guest and go further into the techniques and movement practices. The project culminated the study abroad trip to Nairobi that grew out of the World Dance course offered this spring. Eleven students and 3 faculty traveled to Kenya for 2 weeks in May of 22! In Nairobi, Professor Teague’s team worked with an additional 6 instructors all from Kenya or neighboring countries.

In Spring of 2022 ABIDE funds facilitated the following Guest Instructors for DNCE 3065 World Dance Studio:

  • Keith Alexander, NYC, USA – Hip Hop
  • Mariko Eguchi, Shimane, Japan – Iwami Kagura and traditional performing arts of Japan
  • Antony Nduvu Sesi, Nairobi, Kenya – East African traditional and contemporary dance
  • Dr. Mary Nyangweso, Kenya/ECU – Kenyan dance and music + culture tribes
  • Zoie Vinya, Nairobi, Kenya – East African traditional and contemporary dance
  • Aleshia Hunt, Lumbee Tribe, Greenville NC, USA – Native American music and dance
  • Gabriela Estrada, Assistant Professor ECU – Spanish Flamenco and Mexican Folklorico
  • Patrick Suarez, Leader Meherrin Tribe NC – Native American music and dance
  • Caleb Mitchell, Assistant professor Florida state University FSU – Classical ballet
  • Liji Sreejesh, Greensboro NC – Bharatanatyam classical Indian dance

Instructors Study Abroad trip – Nairobi, Kenya

  • Bolt D’ Dancer – Urban hip Hop, Afro beat, Dancehall
  • Alvin Weru – Traditional African
  • Antony Nduva Sesi – Hip Hop, Street, Afro Dance Hall
  • Yvonne Njuguna – Afro beat, Dancehall and Lingala
  • Lawrence Ogina – Ballet
  • Maylene Chenjerayi – Modern


Dr. Borim Song
An article Dr. Borim Song co-wrote with two of the speakers for the 2021 ABIDE project was recently published.

Shin, R., Bae, J., & Song, B. (2022). Anti-Asian racism and racial justice in the classroom. Multicultural Perspectives.
Eprint Link 

Another article was published in the same issue of the Multicultural Perspectives Journal, which focused on the experiences of Asian American teachers and students:

Song, B. (2022). Art as radical act: Teenagers revisit identity, diversity, and social justice through contemporary art. Multicultural Perspectives.
Eprint Link


Run to Stop AAPI Hate

School of Communication professor Jin-Ae Kang and a co-collaborator have created awareness events, Run to Stop AAPI Hate. The first run brought 32 participants. A second event attracted 50 runners and walkers. “Your participation will mean a lot to the Asian communities in Greenville,” Kang wrote. Learn more.