ABIDE Definitions

The CFAC ABIDE (Access, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity) committee is committed to creating a college community where all of its members feel they belong. As part of that mission, the committee aims to share resources with members of our community. Part of our work has been to define each of the terms in our committee’s name so that we have shared vocabulary as we continue to discuss and work with issues related to diversity and inclusion. The committee’s definitions are as follows:


A variety of people voices, attributes, identities and ideas. When true diversity is present there is an array of different backgrounds. While diversity can be a laudable goal, it alone does not lead to ore equity or justice. The presence of diversity does not guarantee include that everyone is included, safe or empowered.


When everyone gets what they need. Equity strives to attain more equal outcomes which will often require differences in inputs. Equity does not assume that everyone is the same and has the same needs. Equality of inputs does not lead to equality of outcomes.


Removing visible and invisible barriers for inclusive participation for everyone along the human continuum of ability and lived experience.


When all people from a range of diverse backgrounds feel respected, heard, valued and understood; especially those from marginalized groups.


Everyone is treated and feels welcome as a full member of a larger community and can thrive. For someone to truly feel welcome, they need to feel welcome exactly as they are. They shouldn’t have to check any part of themselves at the door.

*definitions adapted from Kaplowitz, D., Griffin, S., & Seyka, S. (2019). Race dialogues: A facilitator’s guide to tackling the elephant in the classroom. Teachers College Press. and https://datapeople.io/article/what-are-diversity-and-inclusion-equity-and-belonging/