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2023~2024 ECU Faculty Awards Information

Nominations Closed

For specific nomination information, please contact your unit administrators.
Nomination Link

When official nominations are complete, Application Packets must be submitted to OFE, including the Nomination Letter and the Nominee Portfolio by November 1st for all awards.

  • Important dates for the Nominators are:
    • September 15, 2023: Submit Nomination using the Qualtrics Link
    • October 15, 2023: Provide a letter of nomination to the nominee no later than October 15, 2023.
      This letter is a required component of each nominee’s application packet, and it is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure their nominees have the nomination letter included in their application. The letter should align with the purpose and criteria of the award.
  • Important dates for the Nominees are:
    • August 30, 2023:  Nominees Information Session Registration Link
    • October 1, 2023:  Nominees contacted by OFE with instructions for portfolio
    • November 1, 2023 – by 5pm, Nominee Portfolio due via electronic submission to Faculty180 (directions provided to candidates by OFE)
    • March~April, 2024 – Award Ceremonies
  1. Lifetime and Five-Year Achievement Award

    Up to Two five-year and Two lifetime awards Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15.  Formal nomination letter due by November 1. Complete nomination packet due from nominee by November 1. (Note: These awards do not fall under the single nomination guideline.)

  2. The University Scholarship of Engagement Award

    One award given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15.  Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Complete portfolio from nominee due by November 1. (Note: This award does not fall under the single nomination guideline.)

  3. Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching

    One award given. Nomination due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15. Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Portfolio from nominee due November 1.

  4. The Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award

    Six awards given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15. Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Portfolios from nominees due by November 1.

  5. ECU Max Ray Joyner Award for Outstanding Teaching in Distance Education

    One award given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15. Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Portfolios from nominees due by November 1.

  6. ECU Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award and Robert L. Jones Teaching Award

    Three awards given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15. Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Portfolio from nominee due November 1.

  7. University Service Learning Teaching Excellence Award

    One award given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by 5pm, September 15. One award given. Formal Nomination Letter due by September 15. Portfolio from nominee due November 1.

For additional information and resource, please visit OFE General University Award Information page [link] or contact Sarah Williams (williamssar@ecu.edu 328-1101) or Rachel Baker (bakerr@ecu.edu 328-6537) with questions. You can also see the list of previous recipients of the awards here [link].

CFAC Faculty Awards


2023~2024 ECU Scholar-Teacher Award

2023~2024 CFAC Scholar-Teacher Award DocuSign PowerForm

closed for this cycle

CFAC is pleased to accept applications for ECU’s prestigious 2023-2024 Scholar-Teacher Award.

The application packet must include a CV and a statement on how your scholarship/creativity activity informs your teaching. Submission materials should not exceed 10 pages. Applications can be completed via DocuSign PowerForm and are due 11:59 pm, October 31, 2023.

A description of the award (from the Office of Faculty Excellence website) follows:
The purpose of the annual Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Scholar-Teacher Awards is to recognize faculty members who effectively integrate scholarship (research/creative activity) in classroom teaching. The award winners will excel in these two central facets of faculty responsibility. The recognition will provide additional opportunities for these outstanding faculty members to mentor others.

Each college in Academic Affairs and each college or school in Health Sciences will review its established recipient selection procedures in keeping with the purpose for the award. Except for the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences and the Brody School of Medicine, which may select three recipients, each college in Academic Affairs and Health Sciences may recognize annually one scholar-teacher. (A scholar-teacher need not be selected by each unit every year, and numbers per college/school may change as the result of the reorganization.) The Provost and Senior VCAA will provide visibility for the awards and the annual recipients.

  • Criteria: The faculty member recognized with this award will
    • demonstrate excellence in the classroom, as evidenced by
      • SOIS/SPOTS, peer observation, and other evidence
      • recommendations of colleagues and students
    • have an outstanding record of scholarly accomplishments, as evidenced by
      • publication in recognized disciplinary venues
      • presentations before scholarly organizations
      • other outlets appropriate to the discipline
    • effectively integrate research/creative activity in classroom teaching
    • mentor developing scholars, both students and faculty

    Colleges select their Scholar-Teacher(s) according to guidelines provided by the Provost and developed by the individual colleges/schools. The Dean of each college submits the names of selected recipients directly to OFE [ofe@ecu.edu]. (Note: This award does not fall under the single nomination guideline.)

    For more information, please contact Seo Eo [eos@ecu.edu].


    CFAC Study Abroad Faculty Preparatory-Travel Award

    2023~2024 CFAC Study Abroad Preparatory Travel Award DocuSign PowerForm

    closed for this cycle

    DocuSign PowerForm Instructions [pdf download 1.5 mb]

    Past faculty leaders of the international programs found the visit to the host institution when preparing the proposal extremely helpful. CFAC is committed to strengthening our international programs, and if you are interested in exploring a new Study Abroad opportunity, please consider applying for this award. For more information, please contact Seo Eo [eos@ecu.edu].


    Annual award to promote and support faculty proposal of new programs and institutional connections for the CFAC Study Abroad programs

    The Award

    One award (up to $3,000) for the selected fact-finding and networking trip


    CFAC faculty proposing study abroad programs in a region new to CFAC or a discipline that has not traveled to the current program region

    Application Packet
    1. CV of the faculty making the proposal
    2. Abstract of the proposed program
    3. Curricular information
    4. Host institution information
    5. Projected outcomes
    6. Projected budget for travel
      • September 15, 2023: faculty preparatory-travel proposal due to CFAC (DocuSign PowerForm)
      • October 1, 2023: submission selection
      • October 2023 ~ May 2024: faculty travel period
      • August 15, 2024: completed new-program proposal due to CFAC Dean’s Office
      • August 31, 2024: last day to submit CFAC-approved new-program proposal to Global Affairs


      CFAC Research and Creative Activity Award

      2024~2025 CFAC RCAA Application DocuSign PowerForm

      closed for this cycle

      DocuSign PowerForm Instructions [pdf download 1.5 mb]

      The College of Fine Arts and Communication is committed to supporting competitive awards designed to encourage and enhance research, creative, and scholarly activities for fixed-term, tenure-track, and tenured faculty of the College. CFAC Research and Creative Activity Awards (RCAA) will support innovative research and creative projects.

      Awards will be given for projects that support faculty research/creative activity that may or may not enhance the prospects of obtaining outside support. RCAA funds are available to scholars from all disciplines and can be used for projects during the fiscal year for which they are awarded and subject to any current budget restrictions.

      Appropriate budgetary expenses may include but are not limited to supplies and equipment, travel, stipends for research assistants, fees for permission to publish, and other support for publication, performance, and exhibitions. Recipients of this award are encouraged, but not required, to submit a proposal for outside funding.

      Awards will be made up to $10,000, with the number of awards and the amount of funding for projects determined annually by the RCAA Administrative Council, based on the funding availability. The Schools in CFAC have added an additional $2,000 to the award pool for research/creative projects that focus on diversity issues.

      New Addition to CFAC Research and Creative Activity Awards
      • One-semester release from teaching responsibilities
      • May include a budget request
      • Release received within three semesters of selection based on school planning
      • Tenured faculty only, per ECU policy

      Funds are NOT available for faculty salaries or conference presentations, including conference travel.


      Applicant must be an ECU CFAC faculty member on a continuous appointment (fixed-term, tenure-track, or tenured). Visiting and adjunct faculty are not eligible. Applicants who have previously won an award are not eligible again for two academic years (e.g., 2021-22 and 2022-23 award winners are not eligible to apply).

      Application Material
      1. Completed application cover sheet with required signatures (DocuSign)
      2. A proposal of no more than 5 pages to include (single pdf upload via DocuSign)
        • Abstract of Project Proposal (no more than 200 words)
        • Specific Goals/Objectives
        • Timeline
        • Expected outcome and impact of the project
      3. Budget (single pdf upload via DocuSign)
      4. Curriculum Vitae of no more than 2 pages, including research/creative activity for the last 5 years, current and pending grants for the last 5 years (single pdf upload via DocuSign)
      Selection Process

      Applications will be reviewed by the RCAA-Administrative Council, comprised of the CFAC Dean, Associate Deans, and Directors of the School of Art and Design, School of Communication, School of Music, and School of Theatre and Dance.

      Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

      • Quality of expected outcome; potential impact on the applicant’s creative/scholarly development; the recognition and visibility of the CFAC and the community at large.
      • Clarity and completeness of the project proposal, written in a clear, non-technical language appropriate for an interdisciplinary audience.
      • Record the applicant’s scholarly/creative activity relative to the time in career.
      • Clarity of the budget and budget justification.
      Final Reports

      A one-page final report is due 90 days after the end of the award termination date. All grant recipients will be expected to present at the Spring College Convocation. Failure to file a final report within the specified time will jeopardize the consideration of future applications.

      Deadline March 15, 2024
      • Applications for all 2024-2025 Research and Creative Activity Awards must be submitted via DocuSign Powerform by the end of the day (11:59pm), March 15, 2024
      • There is only one deadline per academic year
      • The award period is July 1, 2024-May 1, 2025. Funding will begin on July 1, 2024
      Submission of Application Material

      Application forms and attachments must be typewritten in 12-point font, double-spaced. A complete application must be submitted via DocuSign Powerform by the end of the day of the published deadline.

      Applicants should know there might be earlier departmental deadlines to obtain all necessary signatures. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

      For more information, contact:
      Seo Eo [eos@ecu.edu] 252 328-6281

      CFAC Student Opportunities


      CFAC Student Commission+Scholarship

      2023~2024 CFAC Student Commission+Scholarship Proposal DocuSign PowerForm

      closed for this cycle

      DocuSign CFAC Commission+Scholarship PowerForm Instructions [pdf download 5 mb]

      A scholarship and commission project to showcase exemplary student work and honor CFAC Donors who make annual contributions.

      • CFAC seeks prototype proposals for the production of up to 130 editions of donor gifts to be presented at the Pirate Nation Gives Day event in March 2024
      • The work shall be of media and formats that best reflect the competency in the student’s discipline: performing+visual arts, design, and communication
      • CFAC purchase cost for each object must be under $25.00 per university rule
      • The student whose proposal gets selected will receive a $500 scholarship for the following academic year upon completion of the project
      • CFAC will purchase the finished work from the artist
      Application Eligibility
      • Students currently enrolled at ECU
      • The $500 scholarship only applicable to the term in the following academic year
      The Proposal Packet
      1. Prototype and description of the proposed work
      2. Methodology and timeline of production
      3. Five examples of current work. Still images should be uploaded as JPEG files and PDFs for texts. Larger files (moving images, sound files, etc.) should be hosted on a web service like Vimeo, YouTube, or Soundcloud and have the links+thumbnails on a PDF for each example.
      4. List of work
      5. Faculty endorsement statement

      Submit the proposal packet via DocuSign Powerform (link)

      • October 15, 2023: student proposal due to CFAC (DocuSign)
      • October 17, 2023: submission selection (panel led by CFAC Dean)
      • October 20, 2023: begin production process
      • January 2024: mid-point check
      • February 2024: production check
      • March 1, 2024: completed work delivered to CFAC Dean’s Office

      For more information, please contact Seo Eo [eos@ecu.edu].


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