Fine Arts Funding Board

The Fine Arts Funding Board (FAFB) is a student-run umbrella organization. Annually, FAFB allocates student funds to support its member entities:

  • ECU Gospel Choir
  • ECU Marching Pirates
  • ECU/Loessin Playhouse
  • Student Forum for Musical Organizations (SFMO)
  • Wellington B. Gray Gallery
  • Visual Arts Forum (which funds and governs 15 student guilds)
    • Art History
    • Animation/Interactive Design
    • Art Education
    • Film and Video Production
    • Ceramics
    • Design Associates
    • Discovering Arts
    • Graduate Arts Forum
    • Illustration
    • Metals
    • Painting
    • Photography
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture
    • Textiles


Seven students comprise the Fine Arts Funding Board (one representative per organization plus a president). In addition to allocating funds to the member organizations, the FAFB is charged with equitably allocating an emergency fund (approximately $5,000) and making awards to students via the Fine Arts Funding Board Research and Opportunity Fund (approximately $12,000).


Three paths to funding:

  • Each member organization receives an allocation. Decisions about expenditures are made by student leadership within each org.
  • Emergency funding can be requested of the FAFB. Submit a proposal with a detailed justification for the funds, schedule of activities, complete budget, and any additional relevant information to support the request. Note that the FAFB rarely supports a full request: they expect students to commit to a portion of the budget.
  • Research and Opportunity fund proposals will be considered at the first FAFB meeting of the year. The deadline for proposals is September 3, 2018. Note that proposals for the following year will be considered in April 2019 (for projects that begin in August 2019).


Organization funding

To learn how your organization’s funding processes work, ask your advisor. For travel and purchases, send a query to listing the details of the request. For travel, be sure to include the dates, full legal names of students intending to travel, conference website (if relevant), schedule (including departure and return), and additional details.


Retaining a guest artist–for Playhouse, SFMO, Gray Gallery and VAF use

Only a few ECU employees are permitted to enter into contracts. If you seek the services of a guest artist, you will be asked to provide certain details so that a contract can be extended. Use the following document to guide your planning:

Guest artist paperwork ( 660KB ) | Preview


Requesting opportunity funding

Opportunity funding can be requested of the FAFB by any member organization and/or by an individual student affiliated with a member organization. Requests are often granted to support projects and situations that are novel, could not have been included in an organization’s budget due to timing, that reflect honorably on the institution, and/or warrant special consideration because of merit. Examples of previous support include funding to send the ECU Chamber Singers to an international competition (that they won) and hotel support for actors invited to a national audition.

To submit a proposal, contact advisor Michael Crane ( or 252-328-5386).


Applying for Research and Creative Activity funds

Review this document and follow the instructions therein:

Research and Creative activity Funds ( 19KB ) | Preview


How the money works:

Once a member organization allocates funds in support of a project (extends permission), the project leader should send an email to explaining the desired transaction. FAFB funds are primarily used to make restricted purchases, pay guest artist honoraria and support elements of student travel.


Six-week rule:

FAFB money isn’t ATM money. Member organizations that request funding for an activity that will take place in fewer than 30 business days may be denied.