Countenance Stories


2017 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Chandler Harrell – A Morning at Yoder’s Dutch Pantry
  • Kirk Morgan – The Problem with Binge Drinking & Social Media
  • Jennifer Hines – Blind ECU Student and her Guide Dog
  • Rachel Alligood – A Day at the Humane Society of Eastern NC
  • Kandice Scarberry – Beloved Campus Pastor for Covenant ECU
  • Corey Jones – A Day in the Life of an ECU Student with ADHD
  • Henna Schafer – Visiting New Bern

Henna Schafer today

Attorney, Alliance, Ohio


2018 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Summer Tillman – ECU Student Recording & Mixing Music for Greenville Musicians
  • Jada Boyd – A Day in the Life of an ECU Residence Hall Advisor
  • Melissa Glen – ECU Snapchat story celebrity Daniel Barth
  • Loren Ruffin – The Pathway from High School to ECU Admission
  • Clark Coey – Working the Night Shift at Sup Dogs
  • Blair Berry – The Growing Problem of Autism in North Carolina
  • Thomas Weybrecht – The Growing Problem of Obesity in Pitt County
  • Tia-Alanna Joyner – Rise of Anxiety and Depression Among College Students

Thomas Weybrecht today

News Producer, Spectrum Networks

Tia-Alanna Joyner today

Communications Manager, Progress North Carolina


2019 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Angel DeJesus and Kate Lund – Living on “The Grid”
  • Rowan Zeidan – The Busy Life of an ECU Triple Major
  • Samantha Boyette – Day-in-the-Life of the North Johnston High School band director
  • Ben Oke-Bello – Injury-Sidelined College Basketball Player Who Transitions to PCC Assistant Coach
  • Danyel Beaver – ECU Dance Student Who Survived Childhood Sexual Assault
  • Dylan Johnson – The “Cord-Cutting” Revolution

Samantha Boyette today

Social Media Specialist: WakeMed


2020 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Bria Stith – Student-Athlete Scholarship Equity
  • Elyse Ballinger – The Transition from Colombian Immigrant to UNC Cheerleader
  • Taylor Offerdahl – Surviving Body Dysmorphia
  • Devin Rosenberger – Salt Water Intrusion in Eastern North Carolina
  • Chandler Honeycutt – A Day in the Life of a Pirate Radio Producer & Host
  • Hannah Jeffries – From Trash to Treasure at Eastern Carolina Vocational Center Recycling

Bria Stith today

News & Sports Reporter, NBC 29, Charlottesville, Virginia

Hannah Jeffries today

Journalist, WFMY News, Greensboro


2021 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Sydney Hunnell – ECU Students In Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Cayla Menges – Adult ADHD Diagnosis
  • Ahren Rau – Charlotte Band Playing Through the Pandemic
  • Sunny Collins – The Rise of K-Pop Music
  • Daniel Shepard – The Busy Life of Greenville Radio Host Patrick Johnson
  • Caroline Inderlied – NBC Sports Washington Reporter and Host Jordan Giorgio
  • Jalen Snipes – ECU Student Working and Paying Her Own Way Through College

Daniel Shepard today

Sports Reporter, Independent Record, Helena, Montana


2022 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Elke Crabtree – College Student Hooked on Adderall
  • Allison Todd – Owner of Christie’s Euro Pub
  • Reyna Crooms – A Day-in-the-Life at the Four Paws Inn
  • Makayla Perkins – ECU Graduate With National Sorority Apparel Design Business
  • Sarah Barkley – Surviving the Turmoil of a Family House Fire
  • Abbie Clavijo – ECU Student Pursuing ECU’s Child Life Specialist Degree, After Her Own Sister Survived Childhood Cancer

Reyna Crooms today

Multimedia Journalist/reporter, WECT News, Wilmington


2023 Issue Student-Writers and Topics:
  • Katrina Orefice – Freedom of Expression Protests at ECU
  • Kayla Precht – A Day in the Life of a Sorority House Mom
  • Kathryn Jenkins – Scott Shook’s Transition from Average Student to the Board of Trustees
  • Mark Wetherington – A Day-in-the-Life at Julep Contemporary Kitchen
  • Noah Walker – Entrepreneurs Leave LA to Start Greenville Cryotherapy Business
  • Jamie Ennis – Family Helping Dunn Couple Struggling with Alzheimer’s
  • Bailey Mennemeier – The Lifesaving Benefits of the HPV Vaccine

Kayla Precht now

ECU Senior Hoping to Work in Sports Broadcasting & Reporting

Noah Walker now

ECU Senior pursuing accelerated master’s degree in communication


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