Gunn hosts interactive exhibition

An exhibition of art at East Carolina University has a unique twist: the artist’s work is curatorial: other people’s photos that they chose of themselves are the stars.

“I got this idea (when I asked my mom) what her favorite picture is of herself,” said Noelle Gunn, an MFA candidate. “When I got her pictures, I thought that this would be fun to do with a lot of different people, so I put it out there to a large group…and decided to see what would happen and how people would respond.”

Gunn, who taught art for nine years before attending graduate school, said that she hoped that this gallery would provide people a place to express themselves.

“Some people told stories and shared a little bit about why they picked that picture. I want people to have the space to share what they want to share,” said Gunn.

Gunn would like this exhibition to be the first step in a series, and she said that next time she would do a few things differently. “I would post around campus and post it around the Greenville area. Also, somewhere online so anyone can participate if they want too,” said Gunn.

The exhibition runs from October 29 to November 2 in the Burroughs Wellcome Senior Gallery in the Jenkins Building.

-By Michelle West, candidate for the B.S. in Communication