Jubran presents the cosmos

The cosmos have been brought to earth with an exhibition, “Universe of the Mind,” in the Erwin Gallery through October 5.


“The whole purpose of my art is to generate interest in art and science. I think I am working toward this, and I have been doing this for the last 30 something years,” said Hanna Jubran, professor of sculpture, during remarks at an exhibition reception.


Jubran’s works are sculptures of cast bronze and aluminum, each depicting his thoughts and ideas about the cosmos.


“I have been enjoying space since I was a little kid, sleeping outside, watching the stars, watching the Milky Way,” said Jubran. “My grandparents used to travel according to the sun, so I learned from them.”


Even with his passion for science, art and the cosmos, it takes countless hours to bring the many pieces in this exhibition to life.  


“Each one is different. The reason why I don’t make duplicates is so that I can learn from it and achieve a little bit as well as expanding my experience with form and color,” said Jubran.


Jubran wants people enjoy his art while also learning about the connections between art and science. Each of the works is associated with an astronomer, a scientist or a physicist.


“When (people) come I want them to look at the title and try to make a connection between the title and the piece,” said Jubran.


Everyone is encouraged to come to the Erwin Gallery to take a break from earth to travel through space and time.


-By Michelle West, candidate for the B.S. in Communication