Students Host Interactive Installation

Three graduate students exhibited work in an interactive art installation in the Burroughs Wellcome Senior Gallery in the Jenkins Fine Arts Center in March.


Printmaker Claire White based her work on the environment because she wants people that see her work to think more about global energy as a power source. Her work expanded on a study she researched at Florida State University on climate change and how framing it affects how people see it.


Graphic designer Kayla Clark used color and letters to examine synesthesia and challenge people’s perceptions and traditional definitions. Her work is mainly influenced by science. She uses design to ask questions that lead to an understanding of other people’s perceptions.


Sculptor Timothy Rickett studies environmental art. He installed work about trash, using litter from ECU’s campus to create each piece. “I would rather see trash presented in a gallery than on the ground of ECU’s campus,” he said.


Image: Printmaking work by MFA candidate Claire White.


–by Meredith Cox, candidate for the B.S. in Communication