ECU Storybook Theatre presents “The Wind in the Willows”

ECU Storybook Theatre presents “The Wind in the Willows” on Friday.


The performance is a classic story of friendship and adventure, the delicate balance among all living things, and the value of friendship.


“(Director Patricia “Patch” Clark) gives students the opportunity to assist her in various aspects of the production” said student actor Nicolas Lease. In addition to serving as cast members, Lease says students comprise the crew, working in every capacity from assistant director to set design.


“This show is a lot of fun to work on because it is full of gimmicks and things that allow us to just play around with the foolishness of the characters,” said Lease. He said that rehearsals are going well and they’re excited to move from classroom space in Messick Theatre Complex to the big stage in Wright Auditorium for technical and dress rehearsals.


“The Wind in the Willows” will be performed two times in Wright Auditorium on December 1. Following these performances, the cast and crew will travel to Cherry Point Marine Base in Havelock and perform for families on base.


Following each performance, students remain in character to meet and talk audience members. “We are a source of light and entertainment for the families,” said Lease.


-By Catherine Lochner, candidate for the BS in Communication

-Artwork by Andrew Wells, MFA ’17