Holleman exhibits diverse work

Alice Holleman


Each year thousands of ECU Pirates walk across the graduation stage in May and receive a new title: Alumni. Alice Holleman, BFA ’13, always aspired to pursue art, even before she even knew it could be a career– and what a career she has made of it.


From illustrating cover art for various bands to designing the Crafty Bastard Brewery logo, Alice has found success in many different projects. Her favorite, however is some work she did for a friend recently where she illustrated a greeting card featuring her friend’s face surrounded by symbols of all different holidays and holiday paraphernalia. Although she says it’s not necessarily her best work, Alice saw success in this piece through her friend’s love and appreciation.


Alice tends to draw influences from a variety of different things including music, stories, or common phrases. An illustration series she has been working on recently brings to light the societal taboo of “cat calling” (see image). 


Locally, Alice is responsible for the ‘Rabbit Mural’ found in Uptown Greenville on the side of Star Light Café. She drew inspiration from her time as an undergrad and her frequent feelings of being rushed a bit, like the Energizer bunny.


Alice is currently in the process of illustrating her own graphic novel which follows the theme of her senior project Breathless2. Alice says her graphic novel is similar to Breathless in that follows the theme of vulnerability and relationships. Alice gives a short synopsis: “it’s about a young woman who accidentally goes on a magical quest through the city while she’s trying to get her things back from an ex.” Although in the beginning stages, Alice hopes to have it substantially finished by the spring and she is excited to make something so personal for herself.


Some of Alice’s work can be found at the “Refresh” show at Fine Art @ Baxter’s Gallery, a New Bern, NC art gallery. Her submitted pieces are all very different. “The watercolor and gouache pieces are frivolous and fun, while the ink work is a bit more experimental with lines and ink washes.” Be on the lookout for more from Alice Holleman, or find her on Instagram at frivalice. 


—by Kate Lochner, candidate for the BS in Communication